Mode Metonym - Final MA Collection 2014

The aim of this collection was to develop sculptural pieces that the body could fit into or onto. Attempting to negotiate the need to physically wear these body adornments, but instead to engage and encourage a want to interact with the pieces, with an experiential and synthesised memory of the objects to be retained.

The emotional and material connections we construct and apply to situations and spaces, experiences and memories, are all aspects of interaction and existence that I am attempting to imbue within this collection of Artefacts.

A desire engendered in order to question and discuss the spectative nature of our society in relation to how fashion and art is displayed, received and coveted.

The process of mark making and how to capture imprint; to abstract the notion of imprint and function into a solid and tangible object, simultaneously suggesting and illustrating the negative space formed around a human body. This is intended as a response to the ever-shifting boundaries and nature of both fashion and art.

Photography by Stephanie Potter Corwin
Model//Aerial Artist Beatrice Perini
Model//Dancer Lukasz Przytaski